Our Client Say

My experience with harshita…I took one month diet plan from harshita and lost 4.5 kg in one month,I did not only lost the weight I also felt very light n healthy internally I am 47 years old n I think in this age is difficult to loose weight .I never felt weakness during the month .I m really thankful and hope for her bright future.

Rashmi Kapoor

The journey with Harshita has been the most exciting ,successful and the happiest journey I ever had. I was too heavy with 90+ weight but with the suggestions and the diet chart prepared by Harshita for me, I lost 14.5 kgs in 4.5 months. Also to note I was under some medical treatment where medicines do have negative effect on weight loss but still managed to loose some good amount. The most appreciable part with Harshita is the “Comfort Zone” i.e if I had to party or had to go for outing or may be if I wanted to have my Favourite dish, there was always a “YES” from her end . I truely enjoyed the diet chart given by her and would recommend to each and every one to seek suggestion from her , whoever is looking for a healthy life!


The word “Diet” meaning totally changed once I started my journey with Harshita. I am diabetic since 2009, generally used to have healthy food but there was not much gain in terms of controlling sugar level. I was on insulin and tablets. When I start


I had a wonderful experience with My Dietitian. Before my sessions with Harshita, I had a very hard time sticking to my diet. I tried to limit my calories and thought that as long as I stayed within my allotted calories I would lose weight. She taught me that not all calories are created equal. Listening to my routine, with her expertise in nutrition, she guided me towards normalizing my eating patterns, helped me to understand the science of food, nutrition, health, and wellness. Her investment in her clients is phenomenal and in the fight against eating disorders is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s overwhelming to think about how many calories I’m consuming and the knowledge and guidance I gained from My Dietitian made it easy for me to understand my diet. I’ve been with My Dietitian for more than 9 months now and I think receiving feedback from My Dietitian is the difference to my weight loss success. I frequently recommend her diet plans to my friends. Wish a dazzling fu

Prachi Srivastava

I had a wonderful experience with Harshita. She is not only a dietitian but a great motivator as well. Before joining her i was sceptical about dieting, and was in two minds. But after joining her i realised that it is easy to lose weight and enjoy food at the same time. Thanks to her inputs, you need not follow the usual starving/gym sessions but can make use of her valuable tips and lose weight intelligently

Geeta Sethi

I have to thank you for helping me loose 10 kgs in 2 months with minimum exercise. Your guidance to a healthy weight lose routine is highly commendable. Since I’m a student and don’t get time to exercise much, weight reduction has helped to become more active and study with more concentration. The lethargy has gone, not to mention the restoration of self confidence.

Shefali Chandolia
New Delhi / Jaipur

In Harshita … I found a FRIEND IN NEED … Yessss d extreme need to shed off kilos of weight wch is a side effect of having a Baby … Soooo to get back to my normal self I approached HARSHITA… Her Kitchen Frdly recipes made it easy to fill my food urges n as a Blessing , lose weight side by side ?… She’s a GENUINE FRD fr she’s alwaysssss thr when ever I needed her … Any queries n she’s ever ready wd an answer …In her I found a compatible FRIEND. So , all in all wd Harshita s help I managed to lose oodles of weight .. N got back my lost confidence… Thankuuuu Swt❤ n love u fr having become a very spl part of my GROOMED LIFE !!!? Deepti?

Deepti Arora Gulati
New Delhi

I believe that if you want to achieve something big, then you need the help and guidance of a person who can help and support you to achieve your goal. I am very happy to have been introduced to Harshita, who has guided me to attain my ultimate goal in very less time and with less efforts. I have understood the importance of nutrition and proper diet in our daily routine. Yes, Nutrition works wonders. Thanks a lot harshita for giving me the right guidance. I wish u great success ahead.

Malvika Shinde

I had a wonderful experience with Harshita. I was too lazy to follow a particular diet plan but after taking her dietary advice, i have not even achieved my goal but also understood my regular calorie intake and got motivated by her support to follow a regular diet routine which led to really good results without any unnecessary stress. I must say her plans are very flexible so they can be easily followed during traveling,festival or fasting. She is a wonderful person and a great dietician. I would definitely recommend her. All the best 🙂

Vidhi Sharma Nagar
New Delhi

It has been one of the best experience of my life to gain back confidence in myself with a loss of over 10 Kg in just 3 months with no exercise. It’s unimaginable to think of a workout with the schedule I have but Harshita incorporated a well balance diet plan easy to follow n never keeping me hungry. I have been cured of my PCOD thank to harshita one of the best nutritionist and a great encourager. Thank you

Sushma Mishra
New Delhi

When you cross 40 and see no exercise pattern working for you alone to lose weight, you wonder what could be the remedy. Your sedentary lifestyle makes it even worst. You know for sure that there is no quick solution and you need to continuously work towards it. And then comes a friend, a nutritionist who is not too strict on you, understands your requirements, your sluggish metabolism and is more patient than you are! Continuous efforts with Harshita’s guidance has helped me lose weight and inches both. It is a little slow process for me but we both are determined and working towards it without losing faith. More than just losing weight, it is about improving the lifestyle and eating pattern and that is helping in many ways. Compliments coming from family, friends, colleagues, your bosses and even your maids help you stay motivated. I now feel like shopping for clothes and dressing-up. I sincerely thank her for being there when nothing else was working!”

Prachi Bhruguwar