Conventional Plan

Healthy Diet Plan and Exercise for weight loss.

Conventional Plan

These are our standard plans where, we take your medical history, detailed nutritional assessment, lifestyle, likes & dislikes and allergies. Based on this, we start with the plans where we tell you when to check weight, what modifications you can do, how to manage when on travelling or eating out. We also prescribe herbal remedies to boost up the metabolism or for any medical ailment..


How Do These Work

We provide plans as per your medical history, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and allergies. Once you send us the form back, we give you a list of food so that you can procure your things well in advance. Once you get the things arranges, we start the plans. These are given via mails/WhatsApp as per your convenience, and mention when to check weight and update. If you take plans more than a month, we change the ingredients as per the body’s requirements and how well you’re adapting with the plans.

We target 2-3 kilos / month but all depends on your metabolism, how religiously you follow the plans and medical condition. This is as per WHO standard. We believe in ” sustaining your weight ” and not speeding up the weight.

Consultation only

Consultation only Rs. 600 (Includes body analysis and discussion including general dietary suggestions. No diet plan provided.)

Weekly plan: For those who want to see if they ”can do” the plans OR want to just see if their body is getting ”adapted” with the plans. Rs. 800/-

Specific disease/intolerance/disorder

One time diet plan Rs. 1200 (Single diet plan for specific diseases like Celiac disease, food allergies, skin disorders, etc. One follow up visit included.)

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