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  • How does it start ?

    We’ll send a nutritional assessment form, wherein we’d like to know your lifestyle really well. Once you register, we’ll start with knowing your likes dislikes and allergies, if any better and plan your diets in accordance with that. I do not believe in any short term diets which are quick fixes but set your long term goals with simple kitchen friendly diet and No strenuous exercises, no medicines and no dieting so to say ! We’d like to call the diet plans as ‘’ HEALTH PLANS’’

  • Any requirements to join?

    If you have any medical issues, please show us your recent blood reports so that we can plan your meals accordingly. After that your commitment and dedication is what it requires.

  • What can I expect and how much will I lose?

    Let’s understand that loosing weight us not just shedding the numbers from one to another but beyond that! We need to consider other factors while we are dieting. However just for the sake of giving you an idea in numbers, you can expect to lose between 2-3kg of your weight + 2-3 inch loss per month as per WHO ( World Health Organisation ) standards but the real results will simply depend upon your body system, metabolic rate, physical activity and your commitment to follow our diet plan to reach the goals. Let us remember that eating healthy should be our motive and Weight loss / Fat loss will be the by product. .

  • Will I loose on any particular area that I want with the health plans ?

    Please keep in mind that spot reduction is a myth. This means that one cannot target a certain part of the body and lose fat there only. Your body loses fat proportionately from wherever the fat deposits are unless you wish to get the fat layers removed from your body through some surgery – which is the worst you could do.

  • How will I get my diet plans?

    You can choose the health plans either by mails, whatsapp or weekly visits. If you cannot visit the clinic for whatever reason, you can sign up for our online services. In the online services, weekly consultation happens over the phone and diet plans are sent via email or SMS.

  • How are your diets like?

    Our health plans are completely based on your medical history, likes dislikes, metabolism, allergies etc and are all kitchen friendly easy to do meals. We don’t believe in the word ‘ dieting’ because Dieting is when you are deprived of certain foods and you restrict your calorie intake so much that you lose weight and this might result in some side effects like constipation, hair loss, yo-yo effect to the body ; thus we believe in healthy eating. Our diet plans are designed to assist you integrate healthy eating in your lifestyle. You do not have to restrict yourself too much and you do not have to starve yourself.

    We do not make any false promises to guarantee any weight loss at the stake of any side effects but we can that much confident that if you follow the diet plan for some time, not only you will lose fat, but you will start to feel overall healthy, you will feel lighter in the mornings, you will feel more energetic.

  • Do you guarantee weight loss?

    As stated above we don’t guarantee any weight loss as there’s no supplement, pills, medicine involved; only healthy eating and thus we every time say that weight loss is the by-product of eating healthy. Every body is different and every metabolism works differently so we DO NOT guarantee any weight loss. We all the time motivate you and try our best to show you some healthy results.

  • Do I have to do anything else except following the diet?

    We do not recommend any hard core work out , just simply being active is the key. Brisk walking , jogging, running should be done though.

  • How can I contact you if I have any queries or if I want to change something in the diet plans?

    Whatsapp, phone or email support will be available between 9:00 am to 7:30 pm Mon to Fri. You are most welcome to seek our help between the given hours.

  • How can I join?

    Click here for to see your consultation options and contact information.

  • How much it costs and how to pay?

    Please call / message / mail .

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