Do’s & Don’t This Monsoon

Do's and don't for healthy weight loss and healthy body

Do’s & Don’t This Monsoon


  • Boost your Vitamin C intake, either as a supplement or in a natural state.
  • Eat moderate quantities of light and warm foods like eggs, leafy vegetables or white rice.
  • Sleep adequately in order to relax physically and mentally. Have monsoon recipes like baked potato wedges, Palak poha pakoda, sweet corn chaat or masala milk.
  • Vegetables should be boiled properly and food should be cooked well.
  • Include green vegetable like karela, ghiya, lauki, tori or tinda in your daily diet as they are easy to digest.
  • Utilize light oils to cook food in this season.
  • Eat honey as it’s a very decent catalyst for digestion and it functions as a tonic to keep the digestive organs sterile.
  • Have a cup of hot tea or coffee or even better a hot cup of lemon tea.


  • Avoid eating at roadside stalls.
  • Avoid eating dairy products like raita, lassi, cottage cheese when eating outside of the home.
  • Do not drink water from anywhere. If you are not carrying your own water, buy a packaged bottle.
  • If you follow non-vegetarianism, then avoid fish and seafood. Choose mutton or chicken this monsoon.
  • Avoid cold drinks or any form of aerated drink as it reduces the enzyme activity in our stomach which is required for a good digestion.
  • Avoid buying vegetables from vendors from inside the market as they could be stale.
  • Do not eat salads and raw vegetables without a thorough wash, as they carry germs and may cause waterborne diseases.
  • Don’t touch your face with your dirty hands as there is every chance of the flu virus to enter through the nose, eyes, and mouth.